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Microsoft Office is Not Activated, What To Do?

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Microsoft Office is one of the top-rated applications used by the billions of users across the world.

It is highly known for its best in class features that help the users to complete multiple official tasks in a very simple manner. But there are lot of technical issues faced by the user when using the Microsoft Office and one of the common questions among the users that often faced after the trails period ends which is Microsoft Office is not activated?

May I use an unlicensed Microsoft Office copy and more?

In this article, you will be learned about the answer of each question related to Microsoft Office in a very simple way.

What will be happened if Microsoft Office is not activated?

Microsoft Office provides the full components of the office suit on a trial basis for 30 days and after this time period, it asks for activation. Every Microsoft product's key consists of 25 characters that activate the products.

This activation key ensures that you are the owner of the product. So if you wish to know what happened if the trail version ends and Microsoft Office not activated till now. It frequently depends on the sign up for a product:
In case you have signed up through the Office website and required billing is permitted on the official Microsoft website, then it will be activated automatically after deducting the activation charge. If you signed up by clicking on the MS Office icon on your desktop, then this trail will be ended automatically after 30 days and there is no need to cancel it.
What are the common errors come after trail pack ends?

A wide range of issues can be faced by the users when a Microsoft Office trail pack ends and some of them are listed below:
Product Deactivated. Unlicensed Product. We're sorry, something went wrong, and we can't do this for you right now.
Please try again later. Sign In/Set Up pop-up.
These above described problems you may face if Microsoft Office Suites not activated and if you have any other query related to MS Office, then you can contact the customer service team and avail the reliable assistance on multiple issues related Microsoft Office whether it's activation or any other.

These components can be analyzed and the exact cause can only be identified by an expert to fix it.
If a normal person tries to fix it, it is usual that the person might ignore some of the minute details to cause a system crash. Once system crashes, technicians normally would not like to spend time to recover the data. It can take a lot of time as well as the technicians get blamed for missing data.

Instead, they just format the computer completely by resetting it to factory settings and data is lost completely and the customer assumes that the data was not recoverable.

It is not actually required to reset the computer to factory settings usually}.
It is possible to easily fix the issues and use the computer with the same Windows installation forever through regular optimization and also keeping a backup of the data at the same time to minimize risk on hardware failure, especially hard drives.

Microsoft Office not working on windows issue can be now fixed online at Call 1-855-345-8210 Microsoft Office Support.

This is an online tech support services offered by team of certified techies to fix Microsoft office related various services.
on your devices including Microsoft Office will get right online assistance by experts with assured solution remotely. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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